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Labor Law Compliance FAQs

Over time, our customers have raised excellent questions about labor law posters and other poster products. We hope that this list addresses your concerns and helps you make informed decisions.

Q:         Does my business need to display Labor Law posters?

A:          Here are the general rules for labor law posting:

    • If you are a Sole Proprietor and do not have any employees, then you do not need to post Labor Law posters.
    • If you have only contract employees and volunteers, you are not required to post.
    • If your business is family-owned (e.g. a restaurant) and all employees are related, you are not required to post.
    • However, if you have any employees (even just one), you are required by law to post the mandatory Federal, State, and OSHA postings.

Q:         How often do I need to update my posters? How will I know?

A:          Whenever Federal, State and OSHA agencies make major changes. It is important to update your mandatory posting so as to avoid violation citations or penalties.

In order to help our customers keep their posters updated, we offer a paid subscription service – Poster Gold – under which any required poster update for a given location, when it becomes available, is automatically shipped out without you or your local representative having to re-order manually. Please visit our Contact Us page for more details.

We also send our customers a FREE labor law compliance Newsletter – this will keep you informed of recent and upcoming legislative changes that may affect your labor law compliance decisions. To sign up, fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

Q:         How can I order your posters?

A:          There are 3 ways to order our posters:

    • Order Online at PosterSolution.com
    • Order by Mail*
    • Order by Fax*

*for instructions, visit our Purchase Order page.

Q:         Do you carry any Safety, Sexual Harassment, or other such posters?

A:          Yes we do – please check out our Safety Poster page.

Q:         Does your labor law poster include both Federal and state postings?

A:          Yes. Our Total Labor Law posters combine required Federal labor law postings with each state’s required postings. Therefore, for your state, you only need to get ONE combined poster for each office location.

Q:         Which states require their own individual posters in addition to the Federal?

A:          According to the latest state legislations, all states (except South Dakota) require state labor law posting at workplaces.
Although not required, we recommend the following postings for South Dakota’s office locations: Workers’ Compensation Law (strongly recommended), and Employee Rights Are Protected – both are included in our Total Labor Law Poster for South Dakota.

Q:         Which Labor Law posters am I required to display?

A:          In general, our combined Total Labor Law poster covers all mandatory Federal, state, and OSHA labor laws.
OSHA does require additional postings under the following conditions:

    • If your company uses a forklift, you need to post a California Forklift poster
    • If you use chemicals (over and above household use), you need a Hazardous Material poster
    • If your job requires heavy lifting, you need the Safe Back Lifting poster

The following safety posters/postings are also available: Slips, Trips & Fall; Confined Space; Lock Out/Tag Out; and Bloodborne Pathogens.

Q:         Do I also need posters in Spanish or other languages?

A:          If your business is located in the following states, and if 10% or more of your employees’ primary language is Spanish (and they do not speak/read English or know it as a second language), you are required by law to post labor law posters in English and Spanish.
Currently, these states are: AZ, CA, FL, GA, NM, NC, NY, and TX.

If your business is not located in the states listed above, then you are not required by law to display Spanish-language posters. However, you can choose to display the English combo poster, plus a Spanish Federal Only poster; this way, you will have complete coverage for mandatory posters and the Spanish Federal Labor Law poster to serve your Spanish-speaking employees.

Our company provides the Federal Only poster and Total Labor Law posters for all states (including D.C.) in both English and Spanish.
For other languages, there are no requirements; however, employers should make every effort to contact Labor Agencies and get the required publications in the languages your employees speak/understand (or have them translated) – your employees must be educated/informed of their rights.

Q:         Where should I display Labor Law posters?

A:          By law, Labor Law posters should be displayed in your place of business where your employees visit at least once per day.
For example: If your employees are all working in an area, or they share the same break room, you need only one poster. If your workplaces are separate from one another, then each workplace would have to display its own poster.

Q:         If minimum wage in my state is higher than the Federal minimum wage, should I post the Federal poster?

A:          Yes, employers are required to be up-to-date with both the Federal and State postings regarding minimum wage.

Q:         Do you give discounts on bulk orders?

A:          Yes, we do. Please email us at service@postersolution.com for a quote. Please let us know which poster[s] you require, the quantity, and the address[es] to which you would like your order[s] shipped.

Q:         Can you print posters with our company logo in place of your own?

A:          Yes. Please contact us at service@postersolution.com for a quote.

Q:         How do I make a return?

A:          You can receive a full refund (excluding shipping/handling) on any poster product that you return within two (2) weeks of the original shipping date. For assistance with processing returns, please contact us using service@postersolution.com. Please provide us with your Order # and Shipping Address for faster service.

For all other questions, please email us at service@postersolution.com.