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Michigan State Only Poster


Product Description

The Michigan State Only labor law poster combines mandatory Michigan state labor postings into one convenient poster. Combine it with our Federal Only poster to cover all your posting needs. The Michigan poster measures 27 x 27 and is laminated.

Michigan Total Labor Law Poster Includes the Following
State Postings
Michigan Minimum Wage Rule of 1964 Summary of wage & hour laws/regulations under the Workforce Opportunity Wage Act, Public Act 138 of 2014, including the current Minimum Wage, Overtime rules, and prohibited discriminatory wage practices.
Michigan Youth Employment Standards Poster Summary of hour/condition laws meant to protect the rights of workers under the age of 18, provided under the Youth Employment Standards Act, Act 90 of 1978. Subsequent pages include comprehensive summaries of these laws, forms/permits/applications needed to employ minors, and additional wage/hour requirements.
MSDS #2105 - This Workplace Covered by the Michigan Right to Know Law Notice on workers’ rights regarding the communication of information on workplace hazards and toxins, and their protected right obtain said info. Provides the location (to be filled in by the employer) of the workplace’s Safety Data Sheets. (MIOSHA/CET #2105)
Discrimination Notice to workers, summarizing prohibited discriminatory practices and providing info on who to contact if discrimination has occurred. (Produced by authority of PA 453 of 1976 as amended)
MIOSHA Job Safety and Health Protection Summary of laws protecting employees’ rights to a safe and healthful workplace, provided under the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Act, 1974 P.A. 154, as amended. (MIOSHA/CET 2010)
Unemployment Benefits Stylized notice to employees, with info on how to properly claim Unemployment Insurance benefits. (UIA 1710)
Whistleblowers Protection Act Summary of employee/employer protections/obligations under the Michigan Whistleblowers’ Protection Act (469 P.A. 1980), regarding the reporting of unlawful acts.
Workers Compensation Notice to Employers/Employees Notice to employees, summarizing their rights/entitlements regarding workplace injuries/diseases as provided under Workers’ Compensation Insurance benefits and law. Provides workers with the contact info of their Workers’ Comp Insurance carrier (to be filled in by the employer). (WC-PUB-005)
MSDS #2106 - New or Revised MSDS Michigan Safety Data Sheet template (to be filled in by the employer). (MIOSHA/CET #2106)
Work-related Injuries Log Template for the Log of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses (to be filled in by the employer). (MIOSHA-300)

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