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New Hampshire State Only Poster


Product Description

The New Hampshire State Only labor law poster combines mandatory New Hampshire state labor postings into one convenient poster. Combine it with our Federal Only poster to cover all your posting needs. The New Hampshire poster measures 27 x 27 and is laminated.

New Hampshire State Only Labor Law Poster Includes the Following
State Postings
Minimum Wage Summary of important Wage & Hour laws, posting the current Minimum Wage, Overtime Pay regulations, and Youth Employment Law. (Revised Statutes Annotated Chapter 279, as amended)
Employment Discrimination Stylized notice listing the prohibited bases of discrimination in employment.
Unemployment Notice Notice to workers with info on how to properly claim/file for benefits under Unemployment Insurance. (Form DES 218)
Protective Legislation Law Summary of employee rights and employer obligations under Protective Legislation Law, with sections on Payment of Wages (with space to post the regular weekday of payment), Notifying Employees, Lunch/Eating Period, Access to Personnel Files, Withholding Wages, and Employee Separation.
Right to Know about Toxic Substances Used in this Workplace Brief notice to employees stating their right to be notified of workplace hazards, as protected under the Worker’s Right to Know Act. Includes a space for contact info (to be filled in by the employer) to learn more about workplace hazards and to obtain Material Safety Data Sheets. (RSA 277-A, as amended)
Whistleblowers' Protection Summary of employees’ rights protected under the Whistleblowers’ Protection Act, with guidelines on remedies. Includes additional details on rights and remedies for public employees. (RSA 275-E)
Vacation Unemployment Notice to employees on how to file a claim for benefits under Unemployment Compensation when your company is having a Vacation Shutdown (or similar situation), with guidelines on eligibility and who to contact for assistance. (Form DES 218B)
Criteria to Establish Employee or Independent Contractor Guidelines on distinguishing a worker who is an Employee from one who is an Independent Contractor, as required when accurately filing taxes. (RSA 281-A:2, VI(b)(2), (3), and (4); RSA 281-A:2, VII(b))
Workers Compensation List of employer responsibilities regarding the proper posting of Workers’ Compensation Insurance carrier information.

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