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New Jersey State Only Poster


Product Description

The New Jersey State Only labor law poster combines mandatory New Jersey state labor postings into one convenient poster. Combine it with our Federal Only poster to cover all your posting needs. The New Jersey poster measures 39 x 27 and is laminated. The New Jersey Poster comes with a supplemental "Record Keeping Requirements" poster.

New Jersey State Only Labor Law Poster Includes the Following
State Postings
NJ State Wage and Hour Law Abstract Summary of important Wage & Hour Laws (NJSA 34:11-56a, et seq.; NJAC 12:56-11.1, et seq.), with sections on the current Minimum Wage Rate, Overtime rules/exemptions, Wage Order and Regulations, Min. Wage Exemptions, Labor on a Farm at Piece-Rate, and Penalties. (Form MW-220)
Abstract Relating to Payment of Wages Detailed summary of employer responsibilities/limitations relating to the payment of wages (Chapter 173, Laws of New Jersey, 1965). (Form MW-17)
Unemployment/Disability Insurance Notice to employees with info on how to qualify for/properly claim benefits under Unemployment and/or Disability Insurance, with details on the policies under which these programs are financed. (Form PR-1)
Discrimination in Employment Summary of prohibited discriminatory practices in employment, with info on who to contact should discrimination occur. (NJAC 13:8-1.2)
Conscientious Employee Protection Act Summary of employee/employer rights/responsibilities protected under the “Whistleblower Act” – with contact info (to be filled in by the employer) for employees to use should they wish to report unethical/unlawful behavior. Appears in both English and Spanish. (NJSA 34:19) (Form AD-270)
Child Labor Comprehensive summary of labor laws (on wages, hours, and conditions) protecting the rights of workers under the age of 18. (NJSA 34:2-21.1, et seq.; NJAC 12:58, et seq.) (Form MW-129)
Family Leave Act Summary of employees’ rights protected under the New Jersey Family Leave Act, with details on qualifications/responsibilities when claiming Family Leave. (NJSA 34:11 B-1, et seq.)
Discrimination in Public Accommodations Summary of prohibited discriminatory practices with respect to the services, facilities, privileges, or accommodations provided by Public Accommodations, with info on who to contact should discrimination occur. (NJAC 13:8-1.4)
Discrimination in Housing Summary of prohibited discriminatory practices with respect to housing, with info on who to contact should discrimination occur. (NJAC 13:8-1.3)
Schedule of Hours of Labor of Minors Form needed to schedule minors’ work hours, to ensure they don’t work more hours than permitted by State Child Labor Law NJSA 34:2-21.3. Required only if minors employed. (NJSA 34:2-21, et seq.) (Form MW 191)
Family Leave Insurance Summary of Family Leave Insurance provisions under New Jersey Temporary Disability Benefits Law, protecting the rights/benefits of employees who take Family Leave. (Form PR-2)
Smoke-free Air Act No Smoking sign, as required under the New Jersey Smoke-Free Air Act. (NJSA 26:3D-55)
Workers' Compensation Summary of employer obligations regarding the posting of Workers’ Compensation Insurance carrier information, with space for employers to provide said information. (Form 16 NJ A)
SAFE Act Summary of employee rights/obligations under the New Jersey SAFE Act, protecting employees’ right to unpaid leave to address circumstances resulting from domestic violence or a sexually violent offense. (New Jersey Security and Financial Empowerment Act, P.L. 2013, c.82) (Form AD-289)
Gender Equality Summary of prohibited discriminatory practices regarding gender inequity, or bias in pay, compensation, benefits, or other terms and conditions of employment. Includes form (to be signed by the employer) acknowledging the receipt of the Gender Equity Notification. (Form AD-290)
Record Keeping Requirements Includes the Following
State Postings
Record Keeping Requirements Comprehensive summary of employer obligations related to the maintenance and reporting of records, with sections on Wage Payment Law (NJSA 34:11-4.1 et seq.), Wage and Hour Law (NJSA 34:11-56a et seq.), Prevailing Wage Act (NJSA 34:11-56.25 et seq.), Unemployment Compensation Law (NJSA 43:21-1 et seq.), Temporary Disability Benefits Law (NJSA 43:21-25 et seq.), Family Leave Insurance Benefits Law (P.L. 2008, c.17), Workers’ Compensation Law (NJSA 34:15-1 et seq.), and Gross Income Tax Act (NJSA 54A:1-1 et seq.). Includes contact info should record keeping/reporting requirements fail to be met. (Form MW-400)

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