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Total Labor Law Posters

The Total Labor Law Poster includes all mandatory state and federal labor law postings. The Total Labor Law Poster is a trusted labor law compliance solution that fits your office space, and fits your compliance budget.

  • The Total Labor Law Poster includes all the required state and federal postings.
  • Our posters include the latest updates for all of the postings.
  • All posters are laminated for protection.
  • All of our Total Labor Law Posters come in a Spanish language version to keep your Spanish speaking employees informed.
  • All orders come with free subscription to our newsletter. Through our newsletter we will keep you informed of the latest labor law changes, so you know when you need to update your posters.
  • We offer Rush shipping for customers who need posters immediately, such as for an upcoming inspection.
  • We have a friendly and knowledgeable service team, ready to help with any question or problem you might encounter.

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